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Visit Dr Dennis Holly at West River Dental in Bend OregonVisit Dr Dennis Holly at West River Dental in Bend Oregon

Hi there, I am Chuck, the original owner at the dentist office here in Bend Oregon. Can you guess what kind of dog I am?Hi there, I am Chuck, the original owner at the dentist office here in Bend Oregon. Can you guess what kind of dog I am?


Each person’s set of teeth is unique much like their fingerprints. Even identical twins do not have exactly the same set of teeth.


Most People Associate Healthy White Teeth With Success In Love & Business

Your smile is a big part of your image. It's noticed before you even speak a word.

Many people suffer from stained teeth, due to tobacco use, coffee, tea, dark sodas. Age, medications & infrequent cleanings are also culprits that work against your white, healthy-looking smile. Teeth whitening can correct discoloration. Even subtle changes in color make a person look years younger!

Having a whiter, brighter smile is easier than you think. Teeth bleaching or tooth whitening is easy and affordable

Cosmetic tooth whitening, also referred to as "bleaching", is one of the most popular methods to remove stains & improve your overall appearance. Interested in learning more?

There are 3 common methods to achieve your winning smile:

Beautiful smile with white teeth

  1. The first is Laser "ZOOM" Bleaching.
    Popularized by TV shows such as "Extreme Makeover",  "Zoom" Bleaching has become a recognized bleaching techniques producing results in about an hour.
    "ZOOM" is an in-office Laser bleaching system. Your teeth are isolated with the use of a rubber dam to protect your gums as a gel bleaching material is placed on your teeth for three 20 minute periods. Your teeth will be up to 10 shades lighter!
  2. The second is an at home bleaching process.
    The 2nd way to bleach your teeth is with an at home product. Here you'll use a custom fitted clear plastic tray & a whitening gel. The duration of the whitening treatment & how long you continue the treatments will determine the results you get. Two weeks of at home bleaching are similar results as Zoom Bleaching after 1 hour.
  3. And the third is a combination of both types: KöR Bleaching or Deep Bleaching.
    For those whose teeth are dramatically stained by years of smoking or even TETRACYCLINE, KöR Bleaching is the only conservative way to get your teeth white again. KöR Bleaching is a combination of 1 in-office laser session, 2 weeks at home bleaching, and 1 final laser bleaching session will produce dramatic results.

Aren't you ready for that power-smile you deserve?

Call West River Dental today. Dr. Holly and his team can review your options and provide a solution that is perfect for you!  (541) 317-5732.